Star Battle

Star Battle 1.99

Star Battle is a 6v6 Starcraft II UMS map that allows you to become commander

Star Battle is an arcade point and shoot turret defense game. You are a cadet operator who manages a defense turret called Defender. Your mission is to defend various planetary systems from meteorites, attacks from the lizards, who are waging war on the human race. At the beginning of every mission you get a briefing telling what your objective is and at first it also acts as a tutorial.

The game is played only with the mouse and it is only for a single player. You have a high-score which you can compare with others, however, this is not done within the game.

The game mechanics are simple, you just point and shoot at the coming enemies. The HUD is well designed with a nice targeting system that has small arrows indicating the direction the enemies are coming from. You also have like a 3D map which helps you orientate better and it also shows incoming enemies. You need to damage some enemies more than others, and there are sort of boss ships which will require much more damage. Some ships shoot at you and can do significant damage if they manage to shoot you long enough to get your shield down. The shield regenerates itself over time giving you the opportunity to take some shots while defending.

Like any other arcade game you have power-ups which can be double damage, or faster attacking speed and many more. You also have a great variety of weapons that you will unlock automatically as you progress through the levels.

The graphics are pretty good and the ships are well designed with nice animations and some good effects. The explosions aren't that great, mostly complied of 2D sprites. The music is entertaining and it has a fast rhythm, exactly as fast as the pace of the game is.

In the end, I can say that it is a fun game that can keep you entertained for hours.

Dennis Niels
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  • Many Weapons
  • Good Graphics


  • Repetitive Gameplay
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